Industrial Gas Manifold System

Pressure 50-100 bar
Material Stainless Steel
Rated flow 100-200 litres/hr
Cylinder Capacity 50-100 litres
Finishing Type Color Coated

LPG Gas Manifold System is a high pressure structure specially fabricated for interconnecting two or more numbers of cylinders to a common gas supply line when consumption of gas is high. Manifold interconnects two or more number of cylinders for the purpose of availability of more gas at source.

The Gas Manifold pressure can be reduced to operational pressure by a pressure regulator. The pressure regulators can be conned to two manifolds resulting in changeover of manifolds. The changeover can happen manually or automatically changing the gas supply from one bank of cylinders to the other bank without interrupting the continuity of the supply. Manifolds comprise a control panel, manifold racks, tailpipes and an isolation valve and a pressure relief valve. BHA supplies custom made gas specific manifolds for all types of applications.

Our product range includes a wide range of mechanical automatic gas change over manifold, automatic change over manifold system, manual change over manifold system, line high pressure gas regulator and semi-automatic manifold system.


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